Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Krissy and Henry's Wedding - Garden Court Hotel, Palo Alto

The Garden Court Hotel is a special place to me because it's actually where I met my wife about a dozen years ago now. So when Krissy and Henry asked me to shoot their wedding there, I was super duper excited!

Krissy and Henry are definitely two of the most chilled wedding couples I've shot in a while. They were so calm throughout the day and just have a relaxed style about them. That is, until the music and dancing started! I was totally impressed how the entire crowd rocked it out - the wedding party was on fire and even Krissy's parents were gettin' down. Henry and Krissy were so smooth and in such good rhythm that I found myself trying to dance and shake along while trying to capture photos of them groovin!

Well, onto the photos and their awesome wedding...

It was so cool that they got the only room where I could take this shot in the front of the hotel.

And now the elegant dress from the inside.

Doesn't it feel like we're in Italy?

We went to the nearby historical post office for some unique shots.

Someone walked by and referred to Krissy as a mail order bride, which was totally shocking! (she had a good laugh)

She's probably thinking of strangling the guy that made the comment above...

Yay, officially hitched!

The details were awesome and I was digging the pink and yellow glow adding a nice accent to the reception photos.

Let's get the party started. This wedding party kicked off the night full of good times!

Their first dance...

I just love the natural moments...

Krissy's sister Lauren had the most touching speech ever.

Using the fisheye lens to capture the cupcakes!

Henry's boyz keeping the party rollin'...

I think this sums up their feelings of the day...

Just a happy moment. Thanks Henry and Krissy for letting us capture your amazing day!

Click HERE to launch a new window with the wedding slideshow, or click the play button below.


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