Thursday, September 22, 2011

Jenny & Ray's Wedding - Marriott Union Square and Chinatown

What an absolutely amazing day! First, the weather was warm and sunny in both Daly City and San Francisco! Second, we had great chemistry with Jenny & Ray and the entire wedding party... many of them were in a previous wedding we shot, so it was like old times to us! And third, we had some fabulous photo opportunities, which satisfies our desire for creativity!

The day started with the preparation and tea ceremony in Daly City. Then we headed to Golden Gate Park while eating my pork buns in route. Portraits were taken at the Dutch Windmill and the stunning waterfall at Stow Lake. Then off to the Mariott Union Square for the wedding, and we finished up in Chinatown with the banquet at Far East Cafe. Whew, long day but very enjoyable and so much fun.

Onto the photos, and you can see the music slideshow here or on the bottom of the post.

A simply gorgeous couple! The photo is quite calming...I think I can almost hear the waterfall!

My assistants got creative with the ring shots!

Chinese Tea Ceremony Time!

I think Jenny's wrists got sore from all the bling bling!

This was "the first look"! Captured with the wide angle to get Ray peeking!

Beautiful people, beautiful lighting, beatiful bokeh! Just love it!!

Gotta have the cypress trees to feel like your truly in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco!

Jenny and Ray with their sweet smiles. Love the ivy growing on the windmill...

Feels kinda romantic, huh? I don't think Ray wanted to get out of the veil!

Jenny's favorite color is purple and what a great choice!

Awesome waterfall, wedding party and stepping stones.

See, I can take some classic photos too... felt I was back in Hawaii or Guam for a brief moment.

Such a sweet couple. For you techies that always ask me, shot with the 85mm prime lens at f/1.6 aperture.

Perhaps my favorite candid of the day. Very simple, yet so sweet.

We had planned to take some shots at the cable car, but didn't get to it. Glad we squeezed this in at the parking garage.

Wow... can you have a better view than this while getting ready???


Reception Time!

The view from their seats!

I admire Ray's intensity and focus! And his smooth dance moves!

Flashback... see this guy in back from a previous wedding?

He's going at it again!! Eeeeeeek!!!! Calm down boys... Sherman does have a girlfriend. ;-)

This was a really sweet, private and intimate moment...

Until Ray the best man came clinking the glasses for a kiss! That's what best friends are for!

Love this shot outside the restaurant. More outdoor shots in the slideshow...

Click HERE to launch a new window with the wedding slideshow, or click the play button below.


Wilson September 23, 2011 at 7:26 PM  

Really nice set of pictures.

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