Sunday, January 31, 2010

introducing liam!

We introduce to you Liam! The cute little munchkin is almost 2 weeks old and just over 7 pounds. He was extremely cooperative and actually slept through the entire session! On the other hand, big sis Maya was chalk full of energy and I got my exercise chasing her around the house to sneak in a few shots! It was an enjoyable chase as she's very adorable! Oh, Mommy and Daddy should remember these good times when they only have to chase one kid around!

Of all things, this reminds me of eating tangerines and there's a baby tangerine attached to the bigger piece of tangerine!

Liam is dreaming about having bigger hands.

He was full of expressions in his sleep, and here's a little smile.

Daddy looking at his retirement plan!

Liam looks so peaceful when he sleeps.

Here's a few shots of 2 year old Maya. She is a cutie!

And has big adorable eyes!

And here's the happy family. I wonder if they are thinking about #3 yet!? :-)

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