Sunday, May 6, 2012

Amy & Steven's Enchanted Wedding in Nestldown

What an enchanted and charming day of wedding bliss! I've known Amy for 12 years and it was a blessing to see the day come together as smooth as Blue Bell Ice Cream hand-carried from Texas! The dreamy Nestldown location was an absolute perfect match for Amy's spontaneity and free-spirited personality. The weather gods not only prevented spring showers, but borrowed an 80 degree warm and sunny summer day! I finally met Steven over the weekend and was honored to share some terrific moments together with the newlywed couple, including a few tears and lots of laughs! :-)

We were privileged to partner with a terrific group of people that day, especially Brooke from Nestldown, who makes everyone's life about 100 times easier! Rick and Rose from Grover Films were fantastic to work with and super creative. Amy was glowing and thrilled with her hair and makeup from Elizabeth Chang at Skyla Arts.

Onto the photos, and you can see the music slideshow here in a new window or on the bottom of the post.

I just had to use Amy's wedding boots for the ring shot!

Some amazing heels! It was a trick to balance the shoes...and the rings! (thanks Rose!)

So sweet!!!

We had Amy sneak up on Steven for look! (taken by Perry)

This is the kid-sized cottage taken right out of a movie!

And a train that took the couple from the ceremony to the reception! We love the boots Amy!

Hmmm... wonder what Steven's whispering. :-)

Amy and her brother Billy.

Ahhh... some sweet vows being made.

Heck yeah!!

And bubbles on the way to the bubbling champagne!

One of my favorites of the day! The place is absolutely stunning.

So sweet and tender. Love the glare!

And a 1950s London taxi to take them to the train, that will take them to the reception! So much fun!

First dance with the hanging lanterns! All the practice for the first dance paid off! :-)

S'more love!! Get it?? :-)

Smores on the fire pit! I triggered an off camera flash in back to capture the smoke.

The sendoff on the taxi with flower petals. Congratulations Amy and Steven!!

Click HERE to launch a new window with the wedding slideshow, or click the play button below.


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