Sunday, April 8, 2012

Nini & Jeff's Wedding - Montclair Women's Club (featuring our little Kayla!)

Our great friends Nini and Jeff were finally married! Yeehaw! The best part is that they asked our little Kayla to be their flower girl, and Daddy got to be a guest instead of the photographer! The weeks leading up to the wedding was full of daily practice drills at home where one of our girls used a bath towel for a bridal dress, and the other girl threw pretend flowers. Sometimes, Daddy even had to play the role of the bride, but it was all for a good cause. Kayla's favorite line was "Do you know why I need to throw flower petals"? And her answer was "Because Auntie Nini could find her prince!" She was indeed very successful in performing her duties.

We'll start at the rehearsal the day before!

Feeling a little bit of love...

The wedding party!

Kayla and Maile. :-)

Kayla fixing Maile's hair clip for her. Isn't that sweet?

Getting ready for the big moment!!

Smiling at Daddy as she walks by. :-)

Now Jeff's big moment of anticipation...


And she found her prince. Nini circled Jeff several times based on Jewish wedding traditions.

Jeff's sister-in-law made this cake. Simply amazing!

The first dance...

The chair dance!

A short slideshow here, or click play below. Song selection by Kayla!


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