Monday, October 26, 2009

caden and colton

Caden and Colton, Colton and Caden. Who is who and which is which?! How can you tell the identical twins apart? Well, that will be the million dollar question for years! One time during the session, I even heard one parent correct the other after hearing the wrong name called...he he! Well, I can easily tell, and I'll even divulge my secret! Colton is in blue and has a little scratch, and Caden is in gray! Just don't ask me next time! :-) These growing boys will definitely be double the trouble and twice the fun!

Both sides must be created equal, and no favoritism shall ever be shown!

I don't have a beer belly yet, do I?

I should be the center of the universe!

A classic portrait in their backyard.

Boy, this mushy stuff behind me is keeping me up!

Definitely dreaming of twin girls!!


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