Monday, June 29, 2009

marn-yee and gary's wedding - shadowbrook in capitola

Marn-yee and Gary's wedding was in Shadowbrook in Capitola, California. This is very close to Santa Cruz. They are very both extremely down-to-earth and genuine people, and I totally see why they are a good fit for each other. They actually met each other ballroom dancing, which is way cool!

This photo was taken by the fisheye lens. The amount of birds flying around was unbelievable!

Shadowbrook has a cable car to take you down to the restaurant. This shot reminds me of the steamy scene in Titanic! I think the glass was also getting fogged up!

Since the two met dancing, I'm so glad I was able to position myself quickly for the final dip!

This was taken at the beach. The backdrop of the cliff was amazing and the wedding party colors seemed perfect for the shot.


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