Saturday, April 17, 2010

preston turns one!

It's always an honor for me to continue to capture children after their newborn photos! I photographed Preston almost a year ago, and the little guy who was 5 pounds just turned one year old. He's grown like a weed and is babbling and standing tall! This session was great because it was the first time Preston experienced touching grass, and boy was he scared! It was quite funny! He also ate a rock... well almost!

All I want to do is crawl everywhere! And soon, I'll be running everywhere!

And standing tall after a year!

Riding on the see-saw with Grandma, who takes care of me during the days.

Yay, I've conquered my initial fear of grass! My four teeth must make me brave!

I'm about to put that rock in my mouth just to see how Mommy and Daddy freak out!

Hmmm... I wonder what Mommy and Daddy like to do in their free time? Maybe they're trying to work on my sibling?

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