Sunday, June 1, 2014

Lindsey & Justin's Enchanted Nestldown Wedding

So many things to be excited about for my nephew Justin's wedding... the fairy tale location, meeting some cousins for the first time ever, and the list goes on. But the best part was of course about Justin and Lindsey - as they did not see each other before the wedding, I was also feeling the anticipation and butterflies from both sides. And when Lindsey finally made her descent from the grand steps in the forest down to the ceremony area, the combination of giddiness, happiness and relief came together so nicely. It was an emotional hand-off, the ceremony was magical, all the butterflies were literally released, and from there Justin and Lindsey knew how to get the party started! It's been great seeing the evolution of Justin being single and talking about this girl he had just met, seeing their relationship grow over the past couple of years, watching how they balance each others personalities so well, and simply being there for the truly authentic moments of the ceremony. Congratulations and thanks for letting your cousins be the flower (bubble) girls too! I can assure you they had more fun than anyone else at the wedding! "Uncle Calvin" had fun too! :-)
Onto the photos, and you can see Lindsey & Justin's wedding slideshow here in a new window or on the bottom of the post.


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