Tuesday, January 18, 2011

sweet little sophie

It's about time for some blog posts in 2011. You'll probably see a few postings in the next week or so as I catch up, and they will all be about babies! First up is little Sophie. I had photographed Gary and Marn-Yee's wedding just a little over 2 years ago in Capitola, and it's great to see the little addition to the family! Sophie is about three weeks young and just so darn cute! To the photos and beyond...

Typical Silicon Valley Parents! ;-) Do you think they prefer the 15", 17", or 20" model?

Yes, they prefer the 20" model. Batteries and diaper changes not included!


about me

about me
I'm a San Francisco Bay Area photographer with a passion for capturing children and weddings. You can contact me at fisheyephotos@gmail.com or please visit my website at http://www.fisheyephotos.com .