Sunday, May 16, 2010

valerie & mattias' wedding

If there's ever a couple that just absolutely adore each other, it's gotta be Val and Mattias! I enjoyed observing how the two were just so naturally giddy the entire time! It was a joy to be a part of their wedding day and to capture the many laughter, smiles and tears. The day went flawless as Val's cousin Tiffany did an absolutely phenomenal job as the planner, coordinator, florist, decorator, and was even the photography assistant for a couple shots! :-)

The wedding ceremony took place at Pulgas Water Temple, which is just a hidden gem in Redwood City. The stone structure was built as a monument to the Hetchy Hetch Aqueduct, which supplies the water to much of the Bay Area and San Francisco! The reception took place on the Stanford Campus at the Faculty Club.

This shot was supposed to be 'veil down', but nature provided a gust of wind at a perfect time!

Amy captured the dress details... Nice work!

It's always fun to have to squeeze in creative shots during the prep. This turned out to be one of my favorite rings shots ever!

Mattias getting ready with 2 bottles of beer to help him along...

Groomsmen's wedding day priorities? Poker and beer of course! Nice money clip on the side too!

What an awesome dress!

Some classic individual poses... they sure look spiffy!

Such a happy shot!

The grand entrance during the ceremony the Pulgas Water Temple.

Always my favorite to capture the groom's expression while waiting for the bride.

The sweetest moment of the day! (captured by Perry)

Presenting Val and Mattias (shot from the other side of the pond)!

I thought of this shot after scouting the place and wanted to capture it! I'm on the ground with a wide angle lens and off-camera flash.

They definitely look like they came out of a wedding magazine!

We took advantage of the wisteria still in bloom!

Their grand entrance during the reception at Stanford Faculty Club.

Mattias' mom and Val's brother seriously put on two of the greatest slideshows ever!

Mattias' soccer roots started young, and he's a great soccer coach today!

Mattias applauding his mom's touching toast and slideshow.

A Swedish wedding tradition where everyone raises their glasses while the couple kisses!

The beautiful cupcake and cake table setup.

We closed the evening with a outdoor shot on the Stanford campus with a 'college feel'.

Click HERE to launch a new window with the wedding slideshow, or click the play button below.

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